HCRG provides a data driven, results oriented and fully comprehensive WCAB lien defense support service line.  We bring over 10 years of Lien Negotiation, Lien Litigation management, Settlement Experience and a wealth of supporting data to the marketplace.  We utilize our proprietary software’s data mining capability to analyze and predict the trajectory of liens, navigating them toward their best outcomes. HCRG has been very successful at planning and executing high level defense strategies.

WCAB Lien Appearance Representation 

Compliance requirements mandated by legislations combined with an increase in medical provider fraud have made the litigation management of liens increasingly difficult and complicated. Picking the right lien defense partner to navigate this ever changing environment is more important than ever in today’s Workers’ Compensation landscape.

HCRG’s proven approach entails implementing a comprehensive plan of action complete with a cost benefit analysis that works seamlessly to aggressively settle liens on behalf of our clients. Our team of Hearing Representatives have years of experience in their field and will utilize their knowledge of regulatory procedures, Judges, and the WCABs to produce the best recommendations and results. Aiding in this process is our proprietary software that tracks all Dismissals, Notices of Intent, and Withdrawals.  This enables us to analyze results against each provider. If engaging in bulk settlements, this data facilitates faster settlement turnaround times.

Lien Calendar Management

HCRG places a case search on every file referred. If your file is placed on calendar, we track the type of appearance, date of appearance, location, Judge, and time. 
• Litigation Management Specialists with expertise in pleadings and trial briefs.
• Litigation Management Assistants proficient in WCAB procedures 
• Expert Hearing Representatives extending coverage in all WCAB courts 
• Proprietary software – LR-MedSpectra 
• In-house Specialty Medical Bill Review Specialists 
• A network of Specialty Attorneys 


WCAB Hearing Representatives 

Whether you have an existing lien negotiation program with us or it’s a onetime assignment, you can count on HCRG to provide you with the highest performing lien appearance representation, expert witness bill review testimony, and walk-through settlement results.

Legal Bill Review

HCRG has been providing bill review service and expert witness testimony for over 10 years.

We can provide you with Specialty Reviews for the purpose of Lien Litigation Preparation and Defense for:
• High Dollar Fee Schedule Disputes
• Medical Services                
• Copy Service
• Interpreting Services

These proprietary reviews will assist with the defense strategy of the case and can also be utilized as trial exhibits.

WCAB Pleading Services

WCAB Lien Pleadings are time sensitive documents that can make or break your lien defense. HCRG offers review, preparation, or responses to all pleadings. Our lien research team will provide you with a pleading to help set up your case. HCRG utilizes lien pleadings effectively and tracks the success and return on investment.

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“HCRG has Hearing Representatives active at all WCAB Courts in California.”