Expert Bill Review | Witness

Providers usually accept the re-priced bill amount most of the time. There are occasions when the providers dispute the amount and choose to go to court. As a bill review service provider we stand by our review and we are prepared to go to court to defend the bill review. We provide the services of an expert witness to complete this task.

Expert Bill Review  
• Supports Combined Clinical, Bill Review and Coding Expert Reductions
• Knowledge of Healthcare Systems
• Knowledge of Provider Billing Methods
• Knowledge of State Rules, Regulations, and Case Law
• Ability to Conduct Complex Clinical and Coding Analysis
• Capability to Integrate State Laws, Case Laws, Coding and Clinical Aspects of the Bills
• EOB which HCRG can defend at any California WCAB

Lien Trial Preparation
• Exhibit Preparation
• Case Law Research and proper legal citations
• Assistance with Completion of Trial Brief
• Assistance with Testimony Questions and Cross Examination Strategy
• “Mock” Trial Testimony and Pre-Trial meetings with Defense Attorney or Hearing    Representatives

WCAB Expert Witness Testimony
• Travel to and from WCAB
• Assistance with Pre-Trial Negotiations
• Expert Witness Testimony

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