HCRG has been providing business and management consulting services for over 25 years.  In those years we have provided consulting services for major healthcare systems such as Managed Care Organizations, General Healthcare Systems, State Correctional Healthcare Systems, The Veterans’ Administration Healthcare System, The U.S.  Navy Healthcare System, The U.S. Airforce, The Native American Healthcare System, Medical Provider Networks, Preferred Provider Organizations, Medicare, Medicaid, and some of the largest Hospital Healthcare Systems in the nation.

For those organizations, we designed and implemented strategic solutions, work processes, and operations management to obtain medical cost containment and quality healthcare delivery.  We partner with our clients and identify their highest value opportunities, their most critical challenges and work alongside them to develop solutions that would produce sustainable results.

Our consulting services focus on:
• Creating competitive advantage through unique solutions
• Building capabilities and utilizing data analytics to strategically mobilize the    organization forward
• Driving sustainable impact to achieve results
• Transform work processes, business units or organizations in their entirety -              Providing unparalleled opportunities for growth

Our Business and Management Consulting Services include:
• Medical Cost Containment Solutions
• Policy Development
• Compliance Management
• Data Analytics Management
• Design and Implementation of Operations Infrastructure • Information Technology Design and Implementation
• Provider Practice Management Evaluation
• New Business Product Development
• Continuous Quality Control Management Structure

• Education Requirement Development
• Education Design and Implementation
• Management of cost in complex areas
• Enterprise Wide Risk Management
• Care Management Education
• SIU Litigation Procedures
• Litigation Strategy
• Litigation Evidence Preparation

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“HCRG has been providing consultancy services
since 1988.”